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 -Chesapeake Home & Living Magazine- Issue September, 2013


 -Home Design Magazine - Issue Fall and Winter, 2004


Customer Name & Service Provided:


-Maryland Senator Mr. Jim Robey - Elkridge, MD - Entire Interior Painted


-Mr. & Mrs. Doetch - Clarksville, MD - Wallcovering installed, Decorative Painting and Textures


-Mr. & Mrs. Baker - Eldersburg, MD - Entire Home Painted, Interior and Exterior, Faux Finishes


-Mr. & Mrs. Scott - Clarksville, MD - Decorative Painting of Numerous areas, Wallcovering Installed, Furniture Refinishing


-Mr. & Mrs. Northrop – Ellicott City, MD - Decorative and Regular Painting, Wallcovering Installed


-The Linden Co. – Elkridge, MD - Commercial: Decorative and Regular Painting

-Mr. & Mrs. Baxter – Columbia, MD - Painting, Wallcovering Installed, Decorative Painting, Installation of Crown Molding, Baseboard, and Cabinet Refinishing


-Mr. & Mrs. Shavel – Bethesda, MD - Entire Home Interior Painting, Exxterior Painting, Deck Refurbishing, Staining, and Faux Finishes


-Mr. & Mrs. Mallouf – Annapolis, MD - Faux Finishes of Several Areas


Mr. & Mrs. Plucheck – Dayton, MD - Painting of entire interior, Faux Finishes, Exterior Painting



-Mr. & Mrs. Swearinger – Sykesville, MD - Interior Painting, Faux Finishes


-Ms. Birch- Sykesville, MD - Removal of Wallcovering, Painting of entire Interior, Exterior Painting, Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Faux Finishes


 -Mrs. Vivian Baily- Columbia, MD - Interior Painting


-Mr. & Mrs. Grumbine- Owings Mills, MD - Interior, Exterior, and Decorative Painting


 -Springfield Hospital Center- Sykesville, MD - Commercial: Decorative Painting


-Mr. & Mrs. Appetoff- Silver Spring, MD - Interior and Decorative Painting


 -Paul Mueller, Mueller Homes- Sykesville, MD - Extensive Decorative Painting and Wallpaper Installation


 -Mr. & Mrs. Freedhoffer- Columbia, MD - Interior and Exterior Painting

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